PD- Trauma

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The word “trauma” used to apply to a relatively small sector of students. Not so anymore. All students faced multiple traumas in 2020 and will continue to face them in 2021. In this edWebinar, school counselor Stephanie Filio, M.Ed. gives an overview of how students experience trauma at four levels: self/home, school, community, and country/world.

Educators can play a powerful role in providing coping mechanisms for students to help them process and endure our often-chaotic world. Attendees will learn about activities and resources that can assist them in responding to today’s traumas and help them to prepare for the next crisis.

This edWebinar will benefit teachers, school or district leaders, and school counselors. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.


Webinar Links and Resources

Presentation Slides: Click here

Self and Family

Video for mindfulness lesson:

School and Peer Group

Lesson on combatting cognitive distortions:


Community and City

Information on Career Days and Community Helpers:


Country and World

Loom lesson on diversity and advocacy:

UNICEF video on inclusive classrooms:

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