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Stitching Therapy



What do these two pictures have in common? Anti-burnout. One for me over the weekend, and one that we put in the lounges for my teacher-peeps! Here is my equation for teacher support (and it’s besides the fact that I can hardly hang doing three days of classroom lessons a month- these teachers are indestructible!!!):

Happy teacher = Happy student = Happy counselor



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A Trophy for Everyone

I read a great blog post on challenging students. I really believe that our notion of placement in middle and high school seems to have progressively become skewed towards the easy. I say often in P/T Conferences that when a student struggles, pushes themselves, and grasps the concept in a developmentally appropriate way, they are placed in the right class. Straight A’s are not necessary, or always appropriate.

Information like that is often met with silent blinking. And sometimes crickets (once, an actual cricket that mocked me in my office for a week like some sort of investigative torture to break me).

Students so quickly ask to be dropped down in classes, and it makes me wonder: at what point did challenging students become a bad thing? I had always figured that true learning is occurring when there is some struggle. If a placement is easy for a student, perhaps they are placed below what they are capable of learning. Is this a result of standardized tests and pass-rate chasing, or the outlook that “everyone should get a trophy” so that failure does not deplete confidence?

Wow, I am getting deep so quickly after the big return.

For the record, my own 7th grader last year struggled in Algebra, and told me often how difficult the teacher/material/homework/class work/pencil sharpening/paper organization/and overall existing in that classroom was. She talked pretty confidently about dropping that year, or retaking it the next. All year. Everyday. Well, that was dramatic, it was every other day because their schedule alternated. Anywho, her Algebra’s year-end test ended up being her highest. Bam. Turns out the teacher was, well, teaching.

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Say Whaaaat?!

I am way super excited because MusicMovingForward nominated me for a Sunshine Award!  It just goes to show even a newb-tube like this counselor lady can make a tiny ruckus.  Seriously though, I really appreciate the recognition Miss Music, it is awesome encouragement to keep on trucking with this here interwebs site.

SO, as I understand, I have to say ten things about me that others might not know, and then link to ten other blogs that interest and inspire. SO, here goes with ten new (albeit probably boring) things about me:

1.  I have a puppy who is both the best dog in the world and biggest jerk ever.  I love her, and she is intriguingly hyperactive at all of the right and wrong times.

photo 1 (1)

2.  I love Spring and gardening, both inside and out of the house.  I have been obsessed with succulents for the past few years, and love working in my yard, even if my plants suffer for it.

photo 1

3.  I have wanted to be a School Counselor on and off since High School.  There may have been other loves in between, but I always went back to that dream.

photo 2 (1)

4.  My mamma raised me to smile and greet people- it is still crazy to me that people are really taken back by these simple things!  You can walk around smiling, or walk around frowning- either way you’re going to be walking around!

photo 2 (2)

5.  I like to get my craft on every chance I get.

photo 2

6.  I like an orderly and professional school- I feel like this type of environment show a kid a reflection of expectations, and a promise that the staff believes they are capable behaving accordingly.

photo 4

7.  I loves me a good Parent/Teacher Conference.  It is the best way to get all parties together and get on the same page- and quicker than e-mail threads.  I try to keep it sweet even if the air is stiff- often defensiveness dissipates when I earn the trust of the others involved.

photo (4)

8.  One of my favorite things to do is take pictures.  My Olympus Pen is my bestie.

photo (5)

9.  I am obsessed with Pinterest, and not ashamed of how much time I spend on there because it is so amazing.

10.  One of my biggest fears is that I will get bitter- at work, home, and in life.
photo (6)
Whew! That was slightly more difficult than I thought it would be!!! OK, now here is a countdown of some of my favesy blogs, in no particular order.  I know they may not all be able to participate, but I hope they feel the love!
KT in Kigali (she’s my amazing cousin!!)
Thanks so much again MusicMovingForward– this was fun and now I feel super special!