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Bossest Ever Crochet Hook

I am literally in love with this new (to me) hook. For real, we will have a Summer wedding with flowers and puppies. I was checking out some of the rubber-enforced hooks on Amazon and found the Addi Swing Hook by chance. My tension is usually pretty tight so I was intrigued by the shape and took a chance on a 1.5 for a summer bag I’m doing (it’s never too early to start prepping). It took a second for me to figure out, but I have gotten the hang of it! The only thing I miss about my tiny 1.5 is feeling like a giant while man-handling that little metal bar. But I do it miss the claw hands I had after using the standard, that’s for sure.

My inspiration comes from this lovely pin

2 thoughts on “Bossest Ever Crochet Hook

  1. That’s going to look gorgeous but omg I’m just imagining all the ends you’re going to have to weave in!

    1. Hahaha I know! I’m doing my best to weave them in as I go around…until I get hasty and just want to hurry up already, but then I regret it! 😂

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