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I did it! …The Story of Etsy and I Begins!

I did it!  Two days into Snowcation 2016 I finally got it…THE SHOP IS OPEN! I’m not expecting huge results, but I am super excited that I finished a goal. Whoop whoop! This is especially true since snow days make you feel a little drugged, like I need to get my life I’m squealing, for real.

4 thoughts on “I did it! …The Story of Etsy and I Begins!

  1. Congrats on opening your shop, I hope it does extremely well for you!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I’m trying to remember to be present and just enjoy it…but extremely well would be AWESOME!

      1. They say the first step is the hardest, and you are past that. Just give it time to grow.

  2. Well done! I hope it does well for you!

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