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Coming Back

Ok, ok.  I am clearly so terrible at keeping up with my personal commitments! I get super pumped and ready to reach out with a blog and all of these things, and then I let them fall off.  Super secret, don’t tell anyone: I am starting to see my pattern where when I want to do something, I start it up and then as soon as the ball is rolling, I balk!  Can you believe a counselor could have so many insecurities??? (I can, because I know we’re all just human…which allows me the excuse of making life interesting!)

So here I am, back and in the tech saddle.  I’m ready really (for now)!! Here’s what got me thinking about dusting off this old blog thing: I need to walk the walk.  We spend all day trying to get our students to partake in all of the opportunities that are out there.  We beg them to understand how lucky they are to live in such a time where they can reach out for what they want, and connect with it through technology.  We tell them to open their minds to more than their own backyard… and then we quickly retreat back to our own homes when the clock runs down and continue with our personal comforting standard, remaining afraid of the expansive interwebs and cybersphere.   And by “we” I mean “me” but, you know, misery loves company.

So here I am, taking another stab at this whole blog thing.  I want to connect with other educators, I want to develop communication with inspirers, and I want to document my own professional and personal growth.  And we all know what I want is what’s most important in this whole wide world.  I’m a middle child, what can I say?

I may even, perhaps, let someone know that I’m working on this.  Because truth be told, I’m kind of in the closet.  So there it is.  I’m back.  Please feel free to connect, suggest, and hold me accountable!

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