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Writing Project! Whoop!

I’ve got another little freebie to add on here, this time, I’m posting a little project I’m going to try out in small groups.  It’s for my girls, in celebration of Women’s History Month. Go chicks!  Basically, I’d like for them to sign up, come in small groups and fill out the worksheet after a brief conversation about the Women’s Movement.   Should that be capitalized? Not sure, and I’m OK with that (you know the saying, “those who teach, should know things like that.”).  SO, below you will find a copy of the pass and the worksheet.  I am attaching this great timeline to the pass as well for some inspiration (I mean, I know they probably won’t read it, but a girl can dream). My goal is to make a book that can be given to the school, or kept in the Guidance office.  Anywho, enjoy! And let me know if you have any ideas!

I love the look of the pass, and will probably alter it for the book’s cover.  The picture is from Edutopia’s amazing page on Women’s History Month, where I initially got my inspiration to do something.  The lovely tag on both the pass and the worksheet were snipped from the always amazing Kind Over Matter. You can get the PDF by clicking the picture, or here and here.




4 thoughts on “Writing Project! Whoop!

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    So many women are sources of my inspiration–I love the promise of this writing activity for middle and secondary kids…thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much! It worked well with my students last year, and I loved the discussions it started with the students. There were MANY moms and grandmas mentioned- I was inspired by all of their stories!

      1. Sharing with my preservice teachers and teachers who read my blog. Wonderful project. Somewhere on my blog i wrote lessons learned from my mom, a powerfully inspiring woman. We all have women who teach us how to live well. I hope my students will begin their stories.

      2. That’s awesome. I try, in handouts and forms, to sort of lead students through thoughts and connections, while giving them room to explore. Full disclosure and true to my counseling background, I am better doing this with groups than a whole class, but I’m working on it! 🙂

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