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Time to Pay

So, I woke up at 6:30am this fine Saturday morning thinking about something to make for the teachers at my school.  Why so early?  Because soon, we will all be together at the same time- also on a Saturday- for a…DUN DUN DUUUN…Saturday Snow Make-Up Day!!!  Eeeek!  That one hurts, doesn’t it?!  I have to say, I made sure to thoroughly enjoy my snowcation, so I can’t be but so disappointed.  (Plus, half of the kids won’t be there, and I will probably happily gain 15 pounds eating all day).  Anywho, the teachers have been really upbeat about it (at least around the nerdy, annoyingly sun-shiney School Counselor 😉 ) and I wanted to do a little something to perk them up for the make-up day.  I am thinking I will get packets of Lemonade mix and attach them to a little note — get it?! Make lemonade out of lemons??? Nothing like a freebie with a schtiky joke, right?

This week’s therapy has been some little stuffed fur-babies to send to my awesome cousin who is currently traveling abroad.  They were supposed to be mice, as shown in this pattern.  I, of course, hastily went through the pattern without reading the directions and came out with these, what I choose to call, “arbitrary woodland creatures”:

photo (11)

Still plenty cute, just a little bit more in a ‘made by my child’ sort of way.

Oh! And I forgot all week to post this–



Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 1.50.08 PM

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